Septic Tank Pumping & Repair in Montville, CT

Septic Maintenance in Montville

Kelley Septic & Drain provides full-service septic tank inspection, pumping and repair. All systems should be pumped and inspected frequently to avoid costly repairs. While the frequency can vary depending on capacity and/or the level of usage, we recommend every 2-3 years.  With a regular maintenance, you can expect:

  • Locate existing septic tank
  • Complete septic pump out
  • Desludging
  • Inspection of septic cover, tank, entry pipes and baffles
  • Professional consultation for septic repair, septic care and frequency of future septic pump outs.

Montville, CT Septic Repair 

When your septic system fails, Kelley Septic & Drain has you covered.  There are several signs that your system could be in trouble including:

  • Slow-flushing toilets
  • Slow to drain or backed up sinks, tubs and washing machines
  • Poor drainage in your leach field
  • Gurgling sounds from your drains and pipes
  • Poor drainage and/or above ground pooling in the leech field
  • Foul odors - trust your nose!

Let Kelley Septic & Drain help you at the earliest sign of septic system distress!  The longer problems are left, the more damaging and costly they become. We will provide you with trained, skilled professionals to assess the problem and recommend the best solution for your home or business.